• Enjoy a walk in one of the most romantic parks in Poland
  • Enter the room where Chopin is believed to be be born
  • Learn about Chopin’s family
  • Visit a reconstructed Polish manor house
  • Marvel at the beautiful interiors of Nieborów Palace


If you are interested in Chopin’s life and want to follow into his footsteps, we recommend you our daily walk in Warsaw. But maybe you wish to continue to explore this topic? In that case Żelazowa Wola is a must see. Here Frederic Chopin was born in 1810 and at that time the property belonged to Skarbek family. Although the Chopin moved to Warsaw when Frederic was still a baby, Żelazowa Wola played an important role in the years of his youth.

What exactly can we visit there nowadays? In the reconstructed manor we can see a small exhibition about the friendship between both families (the Chopin and the Skarbek). We can also see the way Polish nobility lived in the 19th century (typical furniture).

But the real beauty and interest of Żelazowa Wola lies in its park. Here you will see trees and plants from all over the world. Strolling in the alleys of the park you will hear Chopin’s music most of the time. If you come to Żelazowa Wola in spring, in summer or at fall, it will be an unforgettable experience. And if you choose the right date for your visit, you may stay for a piano concert. The concerts are usually organized on Sundays from May to September.

Nieborów Palace

In Poland we don’t have many palaces that have kept their original interiors. That’s what makes the palace in Nieborów so special. In fact, the Radziwiłł family lived here quite recently, until WWII. They treated the place with great care and cultivated the memory and legacy of their predecessors.

Nowadays the palace belongs to the National Museum in Warsaw. During your visit you can admire a part of Radziwiłł’s art collection, their porcelain and ceramics, furniture in different styles (18th and 19th centuries). The guide will complete the visit, telling you the stories of Polish kings and aristocrats whose portraits decorate the walls of the palace.


Price per person (group of 1-2 people) € 130.00

Price per person (group of 3-7 people) € 100.00

Price per person (group of 8-10 people) € 70.00


  • transport
  • guided tour
  • entrance tickets to the museums
Reconstructed manor in Żelazowa Wola
Park in Żelazowa Wola
Nieborów Palace
Nieborów Palace – bedroom
Nieborów Palace – red hall
Nieborów Palace – study
Nieborów Palace – boudoir