• Discover one of the oldest cities in Poland
  • Visit the former Nazi concentration camp in Majdanek
  • Enjoy a walk in Lublin’s Old Town
  • Visit the Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Highlights of Lublin

On this tour you will discover the historic heritage of Lublin – one of the oldest cities in Poland. 
Lublin is a very picturesque place with its castle, well preserved old town, cozy cafes and artistic atmosphere. You will have enough time to discover its beauty while strolling in the historic streets and squares. You will also visit the Royal Castle and its chapel with magnificent frescoes from the 15th century. These Byzantine-style frescoes are a proof of cooperation between the Eastern Orthodox church and western Roman Catholicism. They illustrate passages from the Bible. Moreover, they allow us to look at the only contemporary portraits of King Władysław Jagiełło.

Majdanek concentration camp

During the tour you will also visit Majdanek – the territory of a former Nazi concentration and death camp. You will have a chance to enter barracks where prisoners used to live and to see the crematorium. In one of the barracks you will see an exhibition about the history of Lublin Jews. You will also have a chance to read and listen to the survivors’ testimonies. The guide will provide you with historic context and will be accompany you during the whole tour.

Price per person (group of 2-3 people) €149.00

Price per person (group of 4-7 people) €100.00

Price per person (group of 8-10 people) €80.00


  • pick-up and drop-off
  • guided tour
  • transport by car / minibus
  • entrance tickets

Duration: 10 hours

Architecture of the old town in Lublin, Poland
Holy Trinity Chapel in Lublin Castle
Majdanek concentration camp