Visiting Pieniny National Park

Why is it worth visiting Pieniny?

In Pieniny National Park you won’t find very high mountains or spectacular views like in the chain of Tatras. Nevertheless, this region is not less popular as it offers unforgettable drafting and kayaking experience. It also has one of the most spectacular cycling routes in Poland that continues on the side of Slovakia.

The most popular climbing routes in Pieniny

It’s true that here the views are less spectacular than in Tatras, but on the other hand the routes are much less demanding. Therefore, you can plan a stay in Pieniny if you are not a very fit person or if you are travelling with children. Among the most beautiful sites are Homole Gorge, Three Crowns, Wysoka, Sokolica with its famous pine and breathtaking view of Dunajec river. All these routes are easily available from Szczawnica or Krościenko – the main tourists centers in the region.

View on Dunajec river from Sokolica
Cows, sheep and horses are a frequent view
Fresh cheese made of salted sheep milk that you can buy in the Polish mountains

Cycling, rafting on kayaking along Dunajec river

The main attraction of Pieniny region is undoubtedly Dunajec River Gorge. No wonder that raft trips have been organized here since the 19th century. Nowadays in Szczawnica you will find lots of agencies where you can a book a draft trip or rent a kayak. Drafting with a Górals wearing their traditional costumes and singing their songs is an amazing experience. Another option is to walk or cycle along Dunajec. The cycling/walking route starts in Szczawnica and connects this famous resort town with the Red Monastery in Slovakia.

Getting through Dunajec river
Drafting in Dunajec river
Kayaking in Dunajec river

The region has much more to offer to bike lovers: we shouldn’t forget the Velo Czorsztyn loop. The route is considered as the most spectacular cycling route in Poland. There are 2 options: 38,5 km or 27,5 km. In the second case you need to use the ferry between the castles in Niedzica and Czorsztyn. Take this opportunity to visit both castles!

Czorsztyn castle
Niedzica castle

When is it best to visit Pieniny?

As I already mentioned, the Pieniny region is quite popular, especially in summer and early autumn. I also don’t recommend visiting Pieniny during long weekends (first days of May, Corpus Christi). For me the best time to visit Pieniny region is October, when it’s still warm and the colors are just amazing. If you are lucky, you may be there for Redyk (trailing of the sheep). I also enjoyed a spring trip in Pieniny and if you are really looking for silence, November and December are surely a nice option.

Droga Pienińska in winter
Droga Pienińska in winter
Droga Pienińska in winter
Biała Woda in winter

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