Different faces of Gdańsk

Gdańsk old town and its unforgettable atmosphere

I always feel a special energy in Gdańsk and Gdynia, which are very different from other Polish cities. Maybe it’s the influence of Scandinavian countries? Maybe the freshness of the sea? I’m not sure. Whether you visit Gdańsk during a cruise on the Baltic Sea or you arrive here by train, most probably you will start the tour by visiting the Old Town. Bear in mind that in summer this place may be very crowded as Gdańsk region is the no. 1 destination for Polish tourists. Why not visit it in winter? The cold weather doesn’t make Gdańsk old town lose its charm and beauty.

The architecture is stunning. Beautifully rebuilt houses along Motława River, the famous crane, Artus court, St Mary’s church, the Town Hall, so many beautiful buildings on a relatively small surface! Once you’ve seen all that, I recommend you stroll for a while in the old town’s narrow streets, such as Piwna (I recommend Pikawa – great place for coffee), Mariacka and Świętego Ducha.

One of the most famous landmarks of Gdańsk is Neptune’s fountain, in front of the entrance to the Artus Court. In Roman mythology Neptune is a god of freshwater and the sea, no wonder that the city chose him as a patron. Długi Targ, where the fountain is situated, is specially picturesque in the evenings.

Nowy Targ
Entering the Old Town
Motława River
The famous crane
Piwna Street
Neptune’s fountain

Parks and beaches

As soon as you leave the old town to explore other parts of the city, you will be surprised by the amount of parks and trees. The most famous park is in the neighborhood called Oliwa – Park Oliwski. It’s a good idea to combine a walk in the park with a visit in Oliwa Cathedral. You will be enchanted by the beauty of its architecture and of its organ constructed in the 18th century. Every day you can hear the organ during a 20-minute concert. You will find the schedule here.

While in Oliwa, it’s worth following a path that will lead you to Pachołek hill. From there you can admire a beautiful view of this green city.

After visiting Oliwa, you can take a tram to Jelitkowo and enjoy some time on the beach.

Jelitkowo beach
Oliwa Park
Oliwa Park
Oliwa Cathedral
Organ in Oliwa Cathedral
View from Pachołek Hill

A perfect city for history lovers and for cyclists

Both Gdańsk and Gdynia are perfect cities to be visited on a bike. In both of them you will find itineraries prepared for walking and cycling. Active people will also find other options, such beach volleyball.

A visit in Gdańsk won’t be a disappointment for history lovers. If you are interested in the recent European history, don’t miss the Museum of the Second World War. You will find more information here.

If you wish to combine a visit in Gdańsk with a stay on the Baltic Sea in a calm place, look for inspiration here.

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