Street art in Poland

Łódź – the kingdom of street art in Poland

When I think about street art in Poland, I have no doubt that Łódź plays the first fiddle. Not only has it perfect conditions for this kind of activity (large backyards, post-industrial heritage), but street art is also promoted and financed by the city authorities. On the website of Urban Form Festival, which is organized here regularly, you will find the map of Łódź’s street art: Below you can see some examples of street art in Łódź.


Imagine you look through the window of your apartment and instead of an ordinary yard, you see something like this:

Birth of the day by Wojciech Siudmak
Birth of the day by Wojciech Siudmak
Birth of the day by Wojciech Siudmak

For me it would be a great way to start my day and I really envy people who live there. The name of the project is “Birth of the day” and it was realized by Wojciech Siudmak, a Polish artist living in France. If you want to find it, look for gate number 4 in Więckowskiego street.

Not only in the yards – the art is everywhere

Walking along Łódź’s streets you don’t really need a special map to find street art or artistic installations. In fact, art is everywhere, you just need to look around.

Here are some examples. I came across them when I wasn’t looking for anything special (or even looking for something else):

Street art in Katowice

To find out more about Katowice and some examples of street art in this city, click here.

Impressive paintings in Łowicz

Łowicz is a nice place to visit, although when I’m there I have the impression that it’s something between a city and a village. Nevertheless, it has 2 beautiful examples of street art. You will see the first one on the wall of a building next to a big parking lot in the city center. It depicts a man lying on the grass and reading a book. You will be struck by an unusual outfit of that man, especially his pants. In fact, he’s wearing the traditional Łowicz’s folk costume, here you can admire these costumes on my pictures taken during Corpus Cristi in Łowicz.

“Księżak” reading a book

The second street art work, created by the same artist – Marcin Tybuś, is situated in the large park next to the river. On a circular sewage pumping station the artist painted a mermaid, pelicans, sea dwellers and devices related to water and sewage treatment:

Painting on a sewage pumping station in Łowicz
Painting on a sewage pumping station

Street art in Warsaw

Tribute to Kora Jackowska

Of course, the capital city doesn’t want to stay behind! Here too you can find a few beautiful examples of street art. One of the most interesting paintings was dedicated to Kora Jackowska – a very popular Polish singer. The project was created soon after Kora’s death in 2018. As you can see on the pictures below, the image may look very different depending on the season. You will find it in one of the backyards of Nowy Świat.

Kora's portrait in winter
Kora in winter
Kora's portrait in spring
Kora's portrait in autumn
Kora in spring and autumn

Brightful colors in Ursynów

I rather don’t associate the district of Warsaw called Ursynów (Warsaw’s bedroom par excellence) with colors other than gray. Well, let’s say gray and green during a couple of months. But a few years ago this neighborhood started to change thanks to beautiful street art. The walls of a few typical blocks of flats were covered with colorful paintings. I hope it is contagious, and I’m waiting for more!

Painting on the wall of a block of flats in Ursynów, Warsaw
The painting is a perfect illustration of the name of the street – “small meadow”
Painting on the wall of a block of flats in Ursynów, Warsaw
Sleeping mermaid

Street art gems on the right bank of the river

And what can you expect on the right bank of Vistula river? In Praga district there used to be beautiful examples of street art. Unfortunately, most of them have disappeared in the course of the last few years… The district has been changing a lot, new buildings have been built, covering the painted walls of the neighboring buildings. Fortunately, some new realizations have appeared, such as this beautiful painting in Kowieńska Street:

Woman’s emotions – street art in Praga district, Warsaw

Another beautiful example is well hidden in a backyard in Grochów (Żółkiewskiego Street). Finding such a beauty in that neglected and gray area was a great surprise:

Dream sower – street art in Grochów district, Warsaw

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