Holidays on the Baltic Sea

I know many Poles who can’t imagine summer holidays without at least a short stay on the Baltic Sea. Some of them spend their holidays in the same village every year. Although the water is cold, there’s a lot of wind and the weather is often unpredictable, Polish tourists are very attached to the Polish seaside. Even if it’s too cold to swim, you can still enjoy walking on the beautiful beaches or practice windsurfing. Bike lovers will be delighted by Via Baltica that starts in Kołobrzeg and by the 45 kilometers cycling path in Hel Peninsula. For me it’s a perfect place to rest provided that I go there in the low season.

Choose the right place and the right moment

Due to the pandemic it’s more and more difficult to book a stay on the Baltic Sea for a reasonable price, especially in the peak period (July and August). Therefore I recommend you go there in the first half of June or in September. In the low season you can expect mostly pensioners and families with babies. The other issue is to choose the right place. For me the ‘right’ place will be a quiet village with just a few houses to rent or not more than 2 hotels. If you travel with dogs, you should also make sure that the nearby beach is pet-friendly. Of course, if you choose such a place, you should have a car in case there’s no shop or restaurant open (especially in the low season).

Villages and places on the Baltic Sea that I recommend

I’m going to share with you my best experiences on the Baltic Sea and suggest a few places where you can stay. As I said before, I always look for quietness and wild nature (provided it’s not a city break, of course), so these tips will be useful for travelers with similar interests.

Near Kołobrzeg

  • Pleśna – there’s not even a shop, 1 hotel, 1 campsite and a complex of bungalows (Osada Pleśna), pet-friendly beach
  • Gąski – bigger village than Pleśna, a few places to eat, more facilities

Near Gdańsk

  • Wyspa Sobieszewska – direct connection by bus with Gdańsk, beautiful natural reserve and forest, a few restaurants and shops, a few hotels (I recommend Stara Wędzarnia), pet-friendly beach
  • Kuźnica in Hel Peninsula – good train connection with Gdańsk and direct train from Warsaw, a few restaurants, probable the most quiet place in Hel Peninsula

To find out more about Gdańsk, click here.

Beach in Pleśna
Evening walk in Pleśna
City beach in Gdynia
Orłowo beach in Gdynia

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