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Dzień dobry! My name is Anna and I’m your travel expert in Poland.

I’m the author of most articles about travelling in Poland available on this website. They are meant to be a source of inspiration, you may also find there valuable travel tips and information. My mission is to help you plan the best possible tour in Poland.

I encourage you to contact me if:

you are looking for a tour guide who speaks your language

you need a reliable assistant to help you prepare a perfect tour for you, your family or group.

I cooperate with qualified guides in every major Polish city as well as with hospitable locals in the countryside. I frequently travel around Poland myself to discover new things, verify opinions and improve our tours (check my instagram).

Here is our offer:

  • tours in Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Gdańsk and other cities with the best local guides
  • tours around Poland (different options: ready-made plans, tailored tours, thematic visits etc.)


Anna - travel expert in Poland
Anna – your travel expert